Check BISP 10500 Quarterly Payment of March

check bisp 10500 quarterly payment of march

The Benazir Kafaalat Programme began in 2008 and is a part of BISP, which is Pakistan’s largest cash transfer program. It provides money, especially to women, to assist with financial difficulties such as slow economic growth, insufficient food, and rising prices. Additionally, it contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing extreme poverty and empowering women.

BISP ادائیگیوں کے لیے اپنی اہلیت کی حیثیت کو چیک کرنے اور یہ دیکھنے کے لیے کہ آیا آپ تین ماہانہ ادائیگیوں کے لیے اہل ہیں، ان آسان اقدامات پر عمل کریں:

  1. گوگل پر احساس نادرا ویب پورٹل تلاش کریں۔
    2۔ اپنا قومی شناختی کارڈ (CNIC) نمبر درج کریں۔
  2. پورٹل پر دکھایا گیا تصویری کوڈ ٹائپ کریں۔
  3. تلاش کے بٹن پر کلک کریں۔
  4. آپ کی اہلیت کی حیثیت اور ادائیگی کی تفصیلات ظاہر کی جائیں گی۔

BISP Quarterly Payment March

Here are some key points of the BISP Quarterly Payment for March:

  • Beneficiaries: Over 9 million families benefit from the Kafaalat program.
  • Distribution: The funds are distributed across Pakistan, including provinces, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan.
  • Amount: BISP provides Rs 10,500 every three months from January to March 2024.
  • Purpose: This money aims to alleviate financial concerns, especially during significant times like Ramadan.

How to Check BISP Eligibility Status

To check your BISP eligibility status, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Ehsaas NADRA Web Portal.
  2. Enter your National CNIC Card Number.
  3. Type the Image Code displayed.
  4. Click on the Search button to find out if you qualify and to view your payment details.

Process of Receiving Cash from Benazir Kafaalat

Once you become eligible, you will receive a message on your phone from the number 8171 containing details about how to receive your money.


BISP provides Rs 10,500 every three months through the Benazir Kafaalat Programme, which assists numerous families in Pakistan. By prioritizing financial support, particularly to women, BISP continues to play a crucial role in poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment. If you qualify for the program, ensure you understand how to access your funds and utilize them to improve your quality of life.

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