Play PUBG Mobile with Jazz Weekly Offer in Just Rs. 60+t

play pubg mobile with jazz weekly offer in just rs. 60+t

Dive into the world of gaming with Jazz’s Weekly PUBG Package at just 60 Rupees! Unveil the code, activate 2500 MBs for PUBG, and enjoy 500 MBs flat for an entire week. Stay tuned as we explore the features, activation methods, and the thrilling universe of PUBG packages. Get ready to level up!

Jazz Weekly Pubg Package

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment, Jazz introduces a game-changer – the Jazz Weekly PUBG Package. Dive into the heart of gaming excitement as we explore the details, activation methods, and terms & conditions of this thrilling offer.

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Details Jazz 7 Days PUBG Package

Unlock a week of non-stop PUBG action with Jazz’s 7 Days PUBG Package. To subscribe, simply dial *670# from your Jazz SIM. Watch the magic unfold as the package automatically activates, delivering 2500 MBs dedicated to PUBG and an additional 5000 MBs flat for just 60 Rupees, inclusive of tax.

PUBG Offer3GB data (2.5GB + 0.5GB Flat)Dial *670# (Valid for 7 Days)Rs. 60+t

How To Subscribe? Activation Method

To subscribe and enjoy Jazz Pubg offer you have two ways to do so.

  1. Jazz World App
  2. Code Dialing

Jazz World App

Experience convenience at your fingertips with the Jazz World App. Follow these simple steps to activate the Jazz Weekly PUBG Package:

  • Open the Jazz World Application.
  • Navigate to the Data Packages option.
  • Locate the Jazz Weekly PUBG offer.
  • Click on the Subscribe option.
  • Your package will be activated, setting the stage for a week of gaming bliss.

Code Dialing

For those who prefer the classic approach, activating the offer is just a dial away:

Terms & Conditions

Before embarking on your PUBG adventure, familiarize yourself with the terms & conditions:

  • Valid for 7 days, this package ensures a week-long gaming extravaganza.
  • Priced at a mere 60 R.S (Incl. Tax), it’s a pocket-friendly deal.
  • To check remaining data, dial *670#*2#.
  • Upon activation, relish a 2560 MB Data Package for PUBG and an additional 512 MB for the entire week.
  • Internet speed is key for PUBG enthusiasts; Jazz ensures a fast and seamless gaming experience.
  • Whether you choose the Jazz World App or the Code Dialing method, subscribing is a breeze.


In conclusion, the Jazz Weekly PUBG Package is a testament to Jazz’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions for its gaming community. Elevate your PUBG experience with this affordable and feature-packed offering. Embrace the thrill, and let the games begin!

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