Karachi Kings Squad 2024 – PSL9 Team Confirmed

karachi kings squad 2024 – psl9 team confirmed

In the heart of Pakistan’s love for cricket, the Karachi Kings show how much people care about the sport. With the PSL9 season coming, everyone is excited to see the confirmed Karachi Kings Squad for 2024. Let’s take a closer look at this strong team, checking out their schedule, team members, past performance, and more.

Karachi Kings Fixture 2024

The Karachi Kings’ journey in PSL9 is expected to be quite a ride. With intense competition and high stakes, their matches are like a battlefield where the Kings want to show their strength. The sound of bats hitting the ball and the thud of the ball hitting the stumps will echo in the National Bank Cricket Arena, Karachi, as the Kings defend their home ground against strong opponents. Get ready for an exciting show of cricket skills!

CaptainImad Wasim
Vice CaptainShoaib Malik
OwnersSalman Iqbal
Brand Ambassador Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa and Shehzad Roy

Karachi Kings Squad 2024 for PSL9

The Karachi Kings Squad for the 2024 Pakistan Super League (PSL9) is a strong combination of talent, featuring experienced veterans and promising newcomers. As the cricketing spectacle unfolds, let’s examine the lineup wearing the iconic blue and gold jerseys, with the goal of conquering the PSL9 battleground.

Players NameCategory
Kieron PollardPlatinum
Jordan CoxPlatinum
Muhammad NawazPlatinum
James VinceDiamond
Hassan AliDiamond
Tim SeifertDiamond
Shan MasoodGold
Shoaib MalikGold
Tabraiz ShamsiGold
Mir HamzaSilver
Muhammad AkhlaqSilver
Muhammad Amir KhanSilver
Anwar AliSilver
Arafat MinhasSilver
Muhammad Irfan KhanEmerging
Saad BaigSupplementary
Jamie OvertonSupplementary
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Karachi Kings Nation Players

The Karachi Kings’ squad for the 2024 Pakistan Super League (PSL9) features a strong lineup of national players, including a blend of seasoned campaigners and promising talents. Wearing the blue and gold, these players bear the hopes of the city of Karachi as they strive for PSL glory.

Players NameNationality
Shan MasoodPakistani
Hassan AliPakistani
Shoaib MalikPakistani
Mir HamzazPakistani
Muhammad Irfan KhanPakistani
Muhammad AkhlaqPakistani
Muhammad NawazPakistani
Muhammad Amir KhanPakistani
Anwar AliPakistani
Arafat MinhasPakistani
Saad BaigPakistani

Karachi Kings Overseas Players

For the 2024 Pakistan Super League (PSL9), the Karachi Kings have tactically brought in a dynamic set of overseas players. These international cricket sensations bring a wealth of experience and skill to the squad, elevating the team’s overall strength. Let’s closely examine the foreign players who will be representing the Kings in the PSL9.

Players NameNationality
James VinceEngland
Tabraiz ShamsiSouth Africa
Kieron PollardWest Indies
Jordan CoxAustralia
Tim SeifertNew Zeland
Jamie OvertonEngland

Karachi Kings Track Record of HBL PSL

The Karachi Kings’ journey in the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been a captivating story, filled with triumphs, challenges, and a steadfast dedication to cricketing excellence. Exploring the track record of the Karachi Kings in the PSL, we see a team that has tasted the sweetness of victory and faced the challenges of the league stage, creating a legacy that echoes with cricket fans around the world.

Karachi Kings Captains List

The leadership mantle of the Karachi Kings has been passed on to various stalwarts, each leaving an indelible mark on the team’s journey:

No.NameNationalityYear ActiveMatchesWonLost
1Shoaib MalikPakistani2016-2016826
2Ravi BoparaEnglandi2016-2016101
3Kumar SangakkaraSri Lanka2017 – 20171055
4Imad WasimPakistani2018 – present412017
5Eoin MorganEnglandi2018 – 2018312
6Mohammad AmirPakistani2018 – 2018101
7Babar AzamPakistani2020 – 202211110

Karachi Kings Overall Results

YearMatchesWonLostSuper OverSummary
2022100109League Stage
2023100307League Stage
karachi kings over all results

The Karachi Kings’ PSL journey has been a rollercoaster, ranging from the high of winning the championship in 2020 to the challenges of struggling in the league stage. They’ve faced both ends of the spectrum. The dynamic leadership, demonstrated by captains like Shoaib Malik and Imad Wasim, has played a crucial role in shaping their destiny.

Karachi Kings Shirt 2024

As the Karachi Kings prepare for PSL9, their unique blue and gold shirts will once again represent resilience and determination. Every player wears the jersey with pride, holding the expectations and legacy of past successes. The Karachi Kings’ 2024 shirt is more than just a uniform; it’s a declaration of their intentions on the cricket field.

Karachi Kings Official Logo and Flag

The Karachi Kings’ emblem, featuring a strong lion wearing a crown, goes beyond being just a logo – it embodies the team’s spirit and goals. Waving proudly in the National Bank Cricket Arena, the flag becomes a gathering point for both fans and players. The logo and flag of the Karachi Kings symbolize unity, strength, and the steadfast support of a city deeply passionate about cricket.

karachi kings official logo and flag

Karachi Kings Official Anthem 2024

Amidst the energetic crowds, the official anthem “Yeh Ha Karachi” echoes through the National Bank Cricket Arena. Sung by Talha Yunis and Asim Azhar, the anthem perfectly captures the city’s passion for cricket. It’s more than just a song; it’s an anthem that brings together fans, players, and the entire city in a joyous celebration of the sport.

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Karachi Kings Gallery

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featured image 38
featured image 39
featured image 38
featured image 39
featured image 38
featured image 38
featured image 38
featured image 41
featured image 41


With the official confirmation of the Karachi Kings Squad for PSL9, excitement is at its peak. The mix of experienced players and rising talents, strategic captaincy, and strong fan support sets the stage for cricketing brilliance. Get ready for an exciting season packed with sixes, wickets, and the unmistakable roar of the Karachi Kings.

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This season promises cricketing brilliance, and the Karachi Kings, with their confirmed squad, are ready to embark on a journey that fans won’t forget. Stay tuned for the excitement, drama, and the undying spirit of cricket in the City of Lights.

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