Punjabi / Desi Month Date Today & Calendar 2023

punjabi desi month date today & calendar 2023

Punjabi Month Date Today is 19 Phagun which is 1st March 2024 of Lunar Calendar.

In this guide we will try to help you to understand the Desi Months, when the Punjabi New Year starts and what are the Desi Names of the Months and how to write them in Urdu and Hindi Language. From the Punjabi calendar you can also know some important dates and events like Sangrand, Masya, Puranmashi, Panchmi, Acedashi and many others. We will also discuss Desi Fastival Holiday Date in this guide. So lets start knowing all about Desi / Punjabi Calendar Days and Months.

Punjabi / Desi Month Date Today

So the date and month today is:

Lunar Date & MonthDayDesi Date & MonthPunjabi Day
01 March 2024Saturday19 Phagun 2024Shanivaar

What is Punjabi Month Date Today in Urdu?

Today is the 19th of Phagun Month | .آج پوہ مہینے کی 19 تاریخ ہے

What is Desi Month Date Today in Hindi?

Today the Date is 19 Phugan | आज कटक मास की 19 तिथि है.

Punjabi / Desi Days Name in Urdu and Hindi

Here are the Names of the Days listed from Sunday to Saturday in Urdu as well as in Hindi Language.

Western DaysRoman LanguageUrdu LanguageHindi Language

Punjabi / Desi Months Name in Urdu and Hindi

Here are the Names of the Months listed from Chet, which is the first month of Desi calendar, to Phagan, the last month of Punjabi calendar, in Urdu and Hindi Language.

Month NameUrdu LanguageHindi Language



Single Desi Month Total Days According to Gregorian Months

  • Chet: 31 days (14 March – 13 April)
  • Vaisakh: 31 days (14 April – 14 May)
  • Jeth: 31 days (15 May -14 June)
  • Harh: 31 days (15 June – 15 July)
  • Sawan: 31 days (16 July – 15 August)
  • Bhadon: 31 days (16 August – 14 September)
  • Assu: 31 days (15 September – 14 October)
  • Kattak: 31 days (15 October – 14 November)
  • Magghar: 31 days (15 November – 12 December)
  • Poh: 31 days (13 December – 11 January)
  • Magh: 31 days (12 January – 12 Febuary)
  • Phaggan: 31 days (12 Febuary – 13 March)

Punjabi Calendar

You’ll find some key indications to recognize the start and end of Desi Punjabi months based on the corresponding English months. Certainly, I can provide you with a detailed explanation of how to recognize Punjabi months based on English months:

Punjabi Desi Calendar 2023

Desi Month – Chet

The first month in the Desi Punjabi calendar is Chet. This month typically brings pleasant weather, characterized by a mix of coolness and warmth. The nights tend to be a bit cooler, while the days are relatively warmer. Chet begins on March 14th and extends through April 14th.

Punjabi Month – Vaisakh

The second month in the Desi calendar is Vaisakh, which spans 31 days. During this month, temperatures begin to rise as the wheat crop reaches the stage of ripening and is ready for harvest. In the Gregorian calendar, Vaisakh commences on April 14 and concludes on May 14.

Desi Month – Jeth

Jeth is the third month in the Punjabi calendar, lasting for 31 days which is approximately one month. It signifies the onset of Summer, with Jeth beginning on May 15 and ending on June 14.

Punjabi Month – Harh

The fourth month in the Desi calendar is Harh, consisting of 31 days. Harh is known for its intense heat, particularly in the Punjab region, where temperatures soar. This is also the time when rice cultivation commences. Harh extends from June 15 to July 15.

Desi Month – Sawan

The fifth month of the Desi calendar is Sawan, lasting for 31 days. Sawan is unique for its combination of scorching heat and the arrival of monsoon rains, signaling the beginning of the rainy season. This dual climatic pattern can have a significant impact on agriculture. Furthermore, rice cultivation typically wraps up during this month. Sawan spans from July 16 to August 15.

Punjabi Month – Bhadon

The sixth month in the Desi Punjabi calendar is Bhadon, encompassing 30 days. It signifies the end of summer, yet the heat persists, resulting in harsh weather conditions. According to the Gregorian calendar, Bhadon spans from August 16 to September 14.

Desi Month – Assu

The seventh month in the Punjabi calendar is Assu, spanning 30 days and characterized by fluctuations in temperature, alternating between warmth and coolness. Assu commences on September 15 and concludes on October 14.

Punjabi Month – Kattak

The eighth month in the Punjabi Desi calendar is Katak, heralding the arrival of winter. According to the Gregorian calendar, Katak extends from October 15 to November 14.

Desi Month – Magghar

The ninth month in the Desi Punjabi calendar is Maghar, consisting of 30 days. This month is known for its very cold weather. Maghar begins on November 15 and concludes on January 12.

Punjabi Month – Poh

The tenth month in the Punjabi calendar is Poh. It is distinguished by its extremely cold weather and minimal rainfall. Widespread fog obscures the sun for many days during this month. Poh begins on December 12th and continues until January 11th.

Desi Month – Magh

Magh is the eleventh month in the Desi Punjabi calendar, encompassing 31 days. This month signifies the peak of winter, spanning from January 12th to February 12th.

Punjabi Month – Phaggan

Phagan is the twelfth and final month in the Desi calendar. While it typically consists of 30 days, there are occasions when it extends to 31 days. Phagan begins on February 12 and concludes on March 13. During these days, the weather is exceptionally pleasant as it heralds the arrival of spring, marked by cool and refreshing breezes.

Desi Fastival Holiday Date

Festival holidays in Punjab, often referred to as Desi festivals, are a vibrant and integral part of the region’s rich cultural heritage. These celebrations reflect the Punjabi people’s joyful and lively spirit. One of the most prominent festivals are:

  • Baisakhi: Celebrated with immense enthusiasm in April, marking the harvest season and the Punjabi New Year.
  • Diwali: The festival of lights, is another cherished occasion when homes and streets are adorned with lamps and candles.
  • Lohri: Celebrated in January, signifies the winter solstice with bonfires and traditional Punjabi songs and dances.
  • Guru Nanak Jayanti: Honoring the founder of Sikhism, is observed with grand processions and prayers at gurdwaras.

The Desi festival holidays in Punjab are a testament to the state’s rich cultural tapestry and its people’s enduring spirit of celebration and unity.

Some Important Dates


Masya, also known as Amavasa, signifies the day in a lunar month when the moon remains absent from the night sky. This occurrence occupies the central position among the 30 lunar phases in various Indian calendars, including the Bikrami Samut and Nanakshahi calendars. However, it’s noteworthy that in certain calendar systems, Masya is regarded as the final day of the month. This interpretation stems from their belief that the commencement of a new month coincides with the appearance of the first sliver of the new moon.


Purnima is an important and lucky day in Hindu culture. It happens when we see the full moon in the sky. On Purnima, people in Hindu traditions often choose to fast and do special prayers. They believe that fasting on this day can make them feel better in their body and mind. This day is thought to be very lucky among Hindus.


In the Hindu calendar, the fifth day is known as Panchami, and it holds significant importance in Hinduism. On Panchami, Hindus partake in various special rituals, making this day especially meaningful. Several well-known Hindu festivals are celebrated on Panchami, including Nag Panchami, Vivah Panchami, Rishi Panchami, and Basant Panchami.


Sangrand, also known as Sangrandi, refers to the first day of each month in the Indian solar calendar, particularly in the Punjabi. It’s an important tradition, where people observe it with prayers and traditional rituals. Each month’s Sangrand is associated with specific events or seasons and is an essential part of the Punjabi and Sikh calendar. It’s a time when people come together and celebrations.


In conclusion, we not only provided you the Desi / Punjabi Month date but also provide you brief knowledge for understanding the desi calendar where there we learn abou many festivals to the changing seasons reflected in each month. It not only connects us to our cultural roots but also fosters an appreciation for the beauty of traditions.

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