Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Code

jazz monthly call package (voice infinity offer)

In the fast-paced world of connectivity, Jazz introduces a game-changer. Unlock the rhythm of endless conversations with Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes for just Rs. 100! Uncover the secrets, subscription code *710#, and enjoy 120 Jazz Mins plus 20 others. Stay tuned for the sweetest talk-time deal of the month. Read on for all the jazz-tacular details!

Short answer: Dial *710# for 120 Jazz Mins, 20 Other Network Mins at Rs 100.

Jazz Monthly Call Package Code

Offering a pocket-friendly option, this package redefines affordability, providing you with seamless communication at a price that won’t break the bank. This offer is so afforable and Love by the user of Jazz Sim Number. Embrace seamless communication throughout the week, connecting with other Jazz numbers for only Rs. 100, tax included, and enjoy unlimited validity. No call setup fees – just uninterrupted conversations on a budget!

voice infinity offer

Details Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees

Imagine a world where you have 120 minutes jazz to jazz and 20 minutes for other network at your fingertips for just 100 Rupees, but keep in mind you need balance of Rs. 120 minimum. The Jazz Monthly Call Package offers not only affordability but also connent friends and family closer and without paying any extra charges Apnay Love onces se batain kartay jao.

Voice Infinity Offer120 on-net + 20 Off-net Minutes

Dial *710#

(Valid for 60 Days)

Rs. 100
details jazz monthly call package

How To Activate Jazz 100 Rupees Call Package?

Unlocking the Jazz Monthly Call Package isn’t rocket science. We present not one but two hassle-free methods to activate the 85 Rupees Call Package. Dive into the step-by-step guide for a seamless experience.

Jazz World App

Jazz World App, your gateway to convenience. Learn how to navigate through the app to activate the 100 Rupees Call Package effortlessly. We break down the process, ensuring you make the most of this user-friendly option.

Code Dialing

For those who prefer the classic route, we’ve got you covered. Explore the traditional code dialing method and get ready to embark on unlimited calls with just a few taps on your device. Just dial *710# from your phone dialer and click on phone call green butto. Here you go, the call package is activated.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Voice Infinity Offer

What if you want to part ways with the Jazz Monthly Voice Infinity Offer? Fear not! We guide you through the uncomplicated unsubscription process. Learn the code that sets you free and discover the simplicity of ending this offer when the time comes. The Un-Subscription Code Is *710*2#

Terms & Conditions

Behind every great offer lies a set of rules. Dive into the terms and conditions governing the Jazz Monthly Call Package. From subscription nuances to usage guidelines, stay informed about the do’s and don’ts to make the most of this incredible deal.

  • To subscribe, ensure you have a minimum balance of 120 Rupees.
  • The package is valid for 90 days from the activation date.
  • No additional setup charges – it’s a straightforward 100 Rupees deal.
  • The Monthly Call Package is non-recursive, offering flexibility for multiple subscriptions.


As we wrap up this exploration, it’s time to reflect on the Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Code. The cheapest bundle, offering 120 Jazz Mins and 20 Other Network Minutes for just Rs. 100 Incl. Tax, proves to be a game-changer. Share this valuable information with your network and stay connected in the most cost-effective way.

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