Jazz Monthly Call Package Code: 70 Rupees Mahana

jazz monthly call package code 70 rupees mahana

Unlock the secrets of Pakistan’s number one network Jazz 4G. Discover the secret to endless chatter with Jazz Monthly Call Package Code in 70 Rupees Mahana. Dive into the article to explore activation details and discover three enticing options – Jazz Make Your Own Bucket, Jazz Mahana Bachat offer, and Discount Call Offer. Uncover the ultimate talk-time magic and find out why this deal is the talk of the town. Stay connected affordably with Jazz’s diverse packages!

Jazz Monthly Call Package in 70 Rupees

In a world buzzing with connectivity, Jazz Monthly Call Package Code 70 Rupees emerges as the game-changer, offering affordable communication solutions for all. This comprehensive guide dives into the details of activating and maximizing the benefits of this budget-friendly package.

Types of Jazz 70 Rupees Package

There are three major types of packages offered by Jazz in the budget of just rupeees 70. Jazz is the best network who care about its user and make us happy with in the minimal budget. Types of Jazz 70 rupees monthly call packages are:

  1. Jazz Mahana Bachat
  2. Jazz Call Discount
  3. Jazz Make Your Own Bucket

Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer

For those looking for an all-inclusive package, the Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer shines with its generous data, minutes, and SMS. Dive into the details to discover the richness of this option.

Details Jazz Mahana Bachat

Explore the features of the Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer by dialing *641# at just Rs. 70 which is our package cost. The Jazz Offer packs a punch with 4000 MBs of internet data, 300 Jazz minutes, 40 off-net minutes, and 2000 SMS, all for the entire month.

Mahana Bachat Offer

4GB data + 2000 SMS

300 on-net and 40 off-net Mins

Dial *641#

(Valid for 30 Days)

Rs. 70+t

How to Check the Remaining Status?

You can easily check the remaining status by dialing *614*2# code.

Jazz Call Discount Offer

Dialing up the savings, the Discount Call Offer provides a substantial data and minutes package at an incredibly affordable price. Explore the details to understand the value-packed into this option.

Details Jazz Discount Call

Another Monhtly monthly offer by Jazz, to unlock the specifics of Discount Call Offer, dissecting the cost, the extensive offering of MBs, SMS, and minutes, and the steps to subscribe and unsubscribe. Get ready to optimize your communication budget.

To avail of the Discount Call Offer, simply dial *699*6*1# from your Jazz SIM. This fantastic offer includes 5GB of internet data, 500 Jazz minutes, 2500 SMS, and 30 Off-Net minutes, all at an incredibly affordable price of just Rs. 70.

Jazz Discount Call

5GB data + 2500 SMS

500 on-net and 30 off-net Mins

Dial *699*6*1#

(Valid for 30 Days)

Rs. 70+t

How to Unsubscribe?

Simply dial *699*6*4# to deactivate this offer.

How to Check the Remaining Status?

To check the remaining status dial *699*6*2# code.

Jazz Make Your Own Bucket

Jazz customers can now create their own bundles, customizing call, data, and SMS options according to their needs. You have the freedom to choose incentives and validity based on your preferences. Once selected, these incentives will be added to your account, and the cost of the bundle will be displayed. Remember that Call Setup Charges of every call  PKR 0.15.

How to Subscribe?

The offer you want to subscribe is for daily, weekly and for monthly. The vailidation of this offer depend on for the days you have purchased the package. All the ways are mention below:

  1. Daily Subscription Code: Simply dial *303*1# to activate this offer.
  2. Weekly Subscription Code: Simply dial *303*7# to activate this offer.
  3. Monthly Subscription Code: Simply dial *303*30# to activate this offer.


Jazz, a telecommunications giant in Pakistan, leads the way with budget-friendly monthly packages, placing the Jazz Monthly Call Package Code at the forefront. Dive into various options, customize your communication needs, and experience connectivity without straining your wallet.

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