How To Delete Easypaisa Transaction History?

how to delete easypaisa transaction history

Are you looking for a way to clear your Easypaisa transaction history? Easypaisa and other banks usually don’t let you delete your transaction history on your own. But it’s good to know how to find your transaction history and why they keep it. Let’s talk about how to access Easypaisa’s transaction history and why it stays there.

How To Check Easypaisa Transaction History

One of the outstanding feature of Easypaisa is that it keeps complete transaction history of its users. This function helps to check and review all our past transactions, like sending money, bill payments and make mobile packages and much more. Moreover, it serves as a vital record-keeping tool and can be instrumental in resolving any money transfer disputes.

Here’s a simple guide on how to check your Easypaisa transaction history:

  1. Open the Easypaisa App: Start by launching the Easypaisa app on your device.
  2. Navigate to Account Menu: Within the app, locate and access the account menu.
  3. Transaction History: Scroll down until you find the Transaction History option and select it.
  4. View Your History: You’ll now have access to your complete transaction history, neatly organized for your convenience.
  5. Download E-Statement: If you wish to retain a copy of your transaction history, consider clicking the download e-statement button. Easypaisa will promptly send your entire transaction history to the email address registered with your account.

How To Delete Easypaisa Transaction History

You are not allowed to delete Easypaisa transaction histories. Easypaisa and other financial institutions maintain transaction histories for a reason – to ensure the security and trust of their customers. However, it’s important to note that Easypaisa does have an automatic deletion process in place. Approximately every two to three months, the app will automatically remove older transactions from your history, keeping only the most recent records. This automatic system is made to find a middle ground. It keeps important transaction info for you to use when needed, while also making sure your private stuff stays safe.


While you may not have the option to manually delete your Easypaisa transaction history, the platform’s automated approach serves both your needs and the security requirements of the system. Your transaction history remains accessible when you need it for reference or dispute resolution, while older records are pruned to maintain efficiency and privacy.

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