Pakistan Scrap Rate Today | Metals like Loha, Steel, Plastic etc Price

pakistan scrap rate today metals like loha, steel, plastic etc price

If you have query in mind that what is the rate of scrap today in Pakistan “PAKISTAN MEIN SCRAP KA KYA RATE HAI?” then you are on the right place, where we provide you the recent and valueable updates related to your questions. We are here with the updated rate list of Scrap also know as Kabar in Pakistan.

In this post we will share you the rates of Loha Scrap, Iron Scrap, Steel Scrap, Plastic Scrap, Rubber Scrap and Metal Scrap in different cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Queeta, Pishawar, Multan and Islamabad.

Kabar Rate In Pakistan

kabar, an Urdu term use for Scrap, is the all kind of raw matterials which is not productive for us. We use to sale that raw materials to the Saller know as Kabaria. Kabar rates in Pakistan varies accordig to the price fluctuation in global market, as because the Scrap rate determines according to Internation Market. Lets have some look on the Scrap Rate in Pakistan of different materials and other items like; Copper, Brass /Pital, Aluminum, Siler, Steel, Iron/Loha, Plastic, Hard plastic, Pepsi plastic bottle, Green pipe, Cement bori, Gta and Radi Kabar.

ItemsRate per 1kg
AC/Frig Compressor430
Hard Plastic40
Pepsi Plastic Bottle135
Radi Kaghaz360
Cement Bori85

Today Scrap Rate in Different Cities of Pakistan

Scrap is nerver been define as the one item. In Scrap, there are many items, above we mention rates as well as the categories. Many people search Scrap rate according to city wise, like: Today Scrap rate in Lahore or Today Scrap rate in Karachi etc. Now let me tell you that yes, the kabar or scrap rates are different for different cites. If you want to know the Rates of scrap according to the cities then stay connected with this post. We definately discuss all the details related to price in below.

Tamba/Copper Scrap Rate Today in Pakistan

If you want to sale copper on the Scrap store, also called Kabar khana in Pakistan, then the copper rate you will get from Kabaria these days will be 2130-2410 Pakistani Rupees per Kilogram. Some different rate of different items belong to pital are:

Tamba/Copper ScrapRate per 1kg
Thanda TanbaRs. 2140
Bartan wali CopperRs.2100
Desi ArmatureRs.2400
Tamba Copper TaarRs.2430

Copper Scrap Rate Today in Different Cities

The rates of different cities like Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Queeta, Pishawar, Multan and Islamabad are as follows:

CopperRate per 1kg
Gujranwala Copper RateRs. 2350-2365
Islamabad Copper RateRs. 2360-2375
Karachi Copper RateRs. 2375-2400
Lahore Copper RateRs. 2360-2375
Multan Copper KabarRs. 2360-2375
Peshawar Copper RateRs. 2360-2375
Quetta Today CopperRs. 2360-2375

Iron/Loha Scrap Rate Today Pakistan

If you want to sale your Old Iron on the Scrap store, then the old Iron rate in Pakistan these days is between 100-120 Pakistani Rupees per Kilogram.

Iron/Loha Scrap Rate Today in Different Cities

Iron is called Loha in Urdu. We are here to tell you the rates of major cities which are: Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Queeta, Pishawar, Multan and Islamabad. The Scrap rate of Loha according to different cities of Pakistan are as follows:

Iron/LohaRate per 1kg
Gujranwala Iron RateRs. 150-160
Islamabad Loha RateRs. 160-170
Karachi Old Iron RateRs. 165-175
Lahore Iron RateRs. 155-165
Multan Loha KabarRs. 155-165
Peshawar Iron RateRs. 150-160
Quetta Today IronRs. 150-160

Pital/Brass Price Today in Pakistan

Brass is also one of the most expensive metal in Pakistan. If you have brass and have no use then you can sale it on the Scrap store. The Rate you will get from Kabaria will be 1280-1750 Pakistani Rupees per Kilogram. Some different rate of different items belong to pital are:

Pital/Brass ScrapRate per 1kg
Pital RadiatorRs. 1280
Pital BoraRs. 1300
Pital CompressorRs. 1400
Pital MotorRs. 1560
Laal PitalRs. 1750

Aluminium Scrap Rate Today Pakistan

Aluminium is one of the precious meterial, which people like in Pakistan to make windows, doors and office cabins. They are of different qualities and though have different rate according to the quality you have. The qualities have different name like: Master Aluminium, Prime Aluminium, GR Aluminium, Standard Aluminium and last one is Chawla Aluminium.

The old alumininum prices in Pakistan are:

Copper Aluminium ScrapRate per 1kg
Master AluminiumRs. 900-1200
Prime AluminiumRs. 1100-1300
GR AluminiumRs. 950-1100
Standard AluminiumRs. 950-1050
Chawla AluminiumRs. 950-1100

Scrap Battery Price Today in Pakistan

Different type of batteries have different type of rates. The type of batteries are: Lithium Batteries, Car/UPS batteries and Mobile phone batteries. The Rate you will get from Kabaria will be 270-800 Pakistani Rupees per Kilogram.

Batteries ScrapRate per 1kg
Dry hybrid Rs. 250
Lithium Nicke CellRs. 270
Black Toys BatteryRs. 270
Dry BatteryRs. 450
Car UPS BatteryRs. 460
Mobile Mix BatteryRs. 800

Tin Dabba Scrap Rate Today Pakistan

All over the country the price of tin and dabba is same as 110-120 Pakistani Rupees per Kilogram.


I conclusion, we discuss the market rates of second hand materials used to sale on Kabariya’s shop called as Scrap Shops or Dealers. In these shops we can also sale Radi and Tin dabba. There are different rates on different Scrap Shops and if you want a nice rate you have to visit minimum two to three shops to come to know the recent market updates. Also comapare our rates with the markets and if you find any difference, to notify us via comment or you can direct message us on our social media accounts.

Keep In Mind

All the Information and rate lists we provide you is just for your roughly idea about the Scrap market and is not considered as the fix rates of the markets. The price change accure day by day and it is hard for our team to change the rates and keep in touch with Kabar daily. So please visit the Kabariya and take the price befor selling your kabar.

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