Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With Name, Adress, CNIC And Other

trace mobile number in pakistan with name, adress, cnic and other

Are you tired of getting calls from unknown numbers? Have you ever wanted to know who’s calling you? Well, you can find out with different tracing methods! You can trace mobile numbers in Pakistan to find out who’s calling, where they’re from, and which network they’re using. You can use official tools from PTA or free apps like Phone Number Tracker from the Play Store to uncover the mystery behind every call. It’s important to stay informed and in control of who contacts you.

Mobile Number Tracker Pakistan

In a world where unknown calls can be a hassle, Mobile Number Tracker Pakistan shines as a helpful solution. This online tool doesn’t just track mobile numbers; it also gives information about who’s calling and which network they’re using. Let’s take a closer look at how this works and the methods it uses to provide these details.

Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With Name

Have you ever been curious about who’s calling from that mysterious number? Well, now you can trace a mobile number in Pakistan and find out the caller’s name with innovative tools like the Phone Number Tracker. This user-friendly web-based tool makes it easy to uncover the mystery behind missed calls, offering a detailed insight into the world of mobile numbers.

Trace Mobile Number Pakistan With Adress

Ever wanted to go beyond just knowing the name and find out the address of the caller too? Well, now you can with the Phone Number Tracker. Tracing mobile numbers in Pakistan doesn’t stop at basic details. This tool allows you to efficiently retrieve owner information, including their address, all without spending a lot of money. So, whether it’s a missed call or an unknown number, you can uncover all the details you need with ease.

Trace Number In Pakistan with CNIC

Comprehensive tracing is crucial. Learn how to trace a mobile number in Pakistan with CNIC details, making the process effective and accessible. Discover the synergy of Name, Address, and CNIC details, making mobile number tracing in Pakistan a comprehensive endeavor.

Track Mobile Number through SMS Code

Simplicity meets effectiveness. The SMS code method offers a straightforward approach to trace a mobile number in Pakistan. Explore how sending a simple SMS to a designated code can provide valuable information about the traced number, all in accordance with regulations set forth by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Tracing a Mobile Number in Pakistan via SMS:

  1. Open your messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Compose a new message.
  3. Enter the SMS code provided by your service provider in the recipient field (e.g., send an SMS to a shortcode or number specified by your operator).
  4. In the message body, enter the mobile number you want to trace, including the country code (+92 for Pakistan).
  5. Send the SMS to the designated code or number.

For various service providers:

  • Jazz: Send an empty SMS to 668
  • Telenor: Send an empty SMS to 668
  • Ufone: Send an empty SMS to 668
  • Warid: Send an empty SMS to 668
  • Zong: Send an empty SMS to 668

After sending the SMS, you’ll receive a response with information about the traced mobile number. Keep in mind that the details may vary based on your service provider and their specific tracing services. Remember, mobile number tracing services may have limitations, and information accuracy can vary. For precise details, it’s advisable to directly contact your service provider and inquire about their specific tracing methods in Pakistan.

Track Mobile Number through Play Store App

The digital realm offers a plethora of solutions, including mobile apps on the Play Store. Dive into the world of apps like Mobile Number Locator, Caller ID & Number Locator and Truecaller. Understand how these apps contribute to the database, providing a reliable option for tracing mobile numbers.

  1. Mobile Number Tracker & Locator: Providing mobile number tracking, caller identification, and location services, it utilizes GPS for accurate location tracking.
  2. Mobile Number Locator – Phone Caller Location: This app asserts real-time location tracking, also offering details about the telecom operator and area.
  3. Caller ID & Number Locator: Identifying unknown calls and their locations, this app also discloses information about the telecom operator and phone number type (landline or mobile).
  4. Truecaller: Widely used, it identifies unknown numbers and blocks spam calls. Its reliability is attributed to a substantial user community contributing to its database.

Remember, app accuracy hinges on data availability and your location. Always peruse user reviews and ratings before installing any Play Store app for a reliable experience.

Track Mobile Number through PTA

Enter the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), a central player in the mobile number tracing game. The IMEI Verification System is an online tool that enables you to track mobile devices and check their status. Uncover the steps to use this system and gain insights into the compliance, status, and authenticity of a mobile device.

  1. Visit the PTA’s official website:
  2. Look for Device Verification/Blocking.
  3. Click the relevant link to access the IMEI Verification System.
  4. Enter the 15-digit IMEI number (found on the device’s back or by dialing *#06#).
  5. Click Check or Submit to proceed.
  6. The system will show the device’s status: compliant, non-compliant, blocked, or stolen.
  7. A compliant device is registered and authorized for use in Pakistan.
  8. Non-compliant or blocked devices may be unauthorized or flagged.
  9. A stolen status means it’s reported as lost or stolen, but remember, this process doesn’t provide real-time location tracking or personal info.


In the quest to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan, we’ve explored a variety of methods – from online tools to SMS codes and Play Store apps. Each approach has its nuances, offering a unique perspective on the caller’s identity. As we navigate this digital landscape, remember to prioritize privacy and use these tools responsibly.

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